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Communications of the ACM

Table of Contents

Digital computers in universities

Swift's technique

Another participant in JUG

Another (nameless) compiler for the Burroughs 220

From the president of ACM—

A basic compiler for arithmetic expressions

Recursive processes and ALGOL translation

Use of magnetic tape for data storage in the ORACLE-ALGOL translator

The CLIP translator

CL-I, an environment for a compiler

The internal organization of the MAD translator

MADCAP: a scientific compiler for a displayed formula textbook language

The use of threaded lists in constructing a combined ALGOL and machine-like assembly processor

An algorithm for coding efficient arithmetic operations

A syntax directed compiler for ALGOL 60

Thunks: a way of compiling procedure statements with some comments on procedure declarations

Dynamic declarations

Allocation of storage for arrays in ALGOL 60

Comments on the implementation of recursive procedures and blocks in ALGOL 60

Compiling techniques for Boolean expressions and conditional statements in ALGOL 60

The SLANG system