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Communications of the ACM offers RSS feeds for use in your news reader or personalized Web page. Our feeds include a headline, brief description and link back to the full content on this Web site, and are refreshed daily to show the most recent items in each category.

To subscribe, please click on a feed of interest below and follow the directions. Please note that some browsers do not support RSS feeds and may require you to take steps to remedy that situation.

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What is RSS?

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is an XML-based format used to distribute news and other frequently updated Web site content. RSS is an increasingly popular way for readers to keep track of their favorite Web sites without have to actually visit the sites. The Communications site offers RSS feeds of current and recent articles, abstracts, and content.

Using RSS

There are a number of ways to use RSS feeds:

  1. Install an RSS news reader (also called an aggregator) on your computer to display feeds from Web sites you select. When a site updates its RSS feed, the new content will be available in your news reader. There are many readers available, and some are free. Find a sample listing of news readers at or a more complete listing via Google.
  2. Use your Web browser. Most browser software now support RSS feeds either natively or via plug-ins. If your browser does not support RSS feeds, please install its latest version, use an alternate browser, or install an RSS reader to view RSS feeds.
  3. If you maintain a Web site and would like to display Communications’ RSS feeds on your site, you are welcome to do so. Tools such as Free Digest or server-side scripts such as PHP or Perl allow you to integrate RSS into your Web pages.

How do I get Communications’ RSS feeds?

To get started with RSS feeds, click on any resource above and copy the URL or Web address for the RSS feed. Then follow instructions for your specific news reader or browser.

More about RSS

For more about RSS, visit Wikipedia.