About Us

Communications of the ACM is the leading online and print publication for the computing and information technology fields. Read by computing’s leading professionals worldwide, Communications is recognized as the most trusted and knowledgeable source of industry information for today‚Äôs computing professional.

In the traditions of the Communications print magazine, which each month brings its readership of over 100,000 ACM members in-depth coverage of emerging areas of computer science, new trends in information technology, and practical applications, the Communications website brings new research along with topical news and opinion content to computing professionals every business day. ACM’s membership includes the IT industry’s most respected leaders and decision makers. Industry leaders have for more than 60 years used Communications of the ACM as a platform to present and debate various technology implications, public policies, engineering challenges, and market trends. The Communications website continues that practice.

The prestige and unmatched reputation of Communications of the ACM is built upon a 60-year commitment to high quality editorial content and a steadfast dedication to advancing the arts, sciences, and applications of information technology. 

Communications has implemented a web-first policy of publishing all research, news, opinion, and other content online in advance of consideration for its appearance in the monthly magazine, which is available in multiple formats. These include the printed Communications magazine, the CACM website, the ACM Digital Library, mobile apps in Android, iPhone, and iPad formats, and the enhanced PDF Digital Edition