LaMPost: AI Writing Assistance for Adults with Dyslexia Using Large Language Models

Researchers present LaMPost, an email-writing tool with the potential to support dyslexic users.

mSAIL: Milligram-Scale Multi-Modal Sensor Platform for Monarch Butterfly Migration Tracking

We propose a wireless sensing platform, mSAIL, specifically designed for a monarch butterfly migration study based on previously developed custom-designed ICs.

Taming Algorithmic Priority Inversion in Mission-Critical Perception Pipelines

This paper discusses algorithmic priority inversion in mission-critical machine inference pipelines used in modern neural-network-based perception subsystems and describes a solution to mitigate its effect.

The User as a Key Ingredient in AAC Design

"Nonverbal Communication through Expressive Objects," by Stephanie Valencia et al., describes the design of a physical object to support communication and focuses on the active involvement of an expert Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) user as a member of the design team.

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