In Memoriam: Ross Anderson, 1956-2024

A researcher, author, and industry consultant in security engineering, Anderson also was a professor of Security Engineering at the Department of Computer Science and Technology of the U.K.'s University of Cambridge.

Sharing Through Storytelling

I recently attended the Logic Mentoring Workshop, a workshop for young researchers to discuss academic life as logicians and computer scientists. Many students feel insecure at conferences because they find a lot of the talks hard or impossible to follow. I do not blame them; I often do not get much out of conference talks […]

In Memoriam: John R. Rice

By Eugene H. Spafford, with assistance by Simson Garfinkel John Rischard Rice, a leading scientist and educator, died at home on Jan. 7, 2024. Rice was the W. Brooks Fortune Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Computer Science and a professor of mathematics at Purdue University. Rice was born June 6, 1934, in Tulsa, OK, to Margaret […]

Teaching Transformed

The apparent ability of LLMs to write functioning source code has simultaneously caused celebration over the potential for massive increases in programmer productivity and consternation among teachers. 

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