Optimizing Energy Efficiency in Datacenters with Advanced Cooling Technologies

As hubs of computing power, datacenters are essential for powering the digital services we rely on daily, from cloud computing to artificial intelligence. However, this surge in datacenter operations has also resulted in a significant spike in energy consumption and environmental impact.  Traditional cooling methods have proven to be energy-intensive and inefficient in meeting the […]

Thirsty Fabs

How the surprising water footprint of semiconductor manufacturing, datacenters, and AI solutions is sparking sustainable development.

Building Computing Systems for Embodied Artificial Intelligence

Embodied AI involves embedding artificial intelligence into tangible entities, such as robots, equipping them with the capacity to perceive, learn from, and engage dynamically with their surroundings [1]. This approach facilitates robots in evolving and adapting to environmental changes. A notable instance of this is the Figure AI humanoid, which leverages OpenAI’s cutting-edge technologies. It […]

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