August 2000 - Vol. 43 No. 8

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Editorial Pointers

If this issue does nothing else, it should convince you that personalization means something different to anyone who uses it, creates it, designs tools around it, even writes about it. Indeed, this milestone edition came about because of differing opinions over the questions and technologies that define personalization. It all began in March 1999, when […]

News Track

A human-image animation system that manipulates stored images of a person’s facial movements in response to phonemes (the smallest units of speech) and can then replicate voice and image in a realistic video duplicate has been developed by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory and the California Institute of Technology. The technology, called Digital Personnel, is voice-driven […]


At face value, the special section "Embedding the Internet" (May 2000) presents an exciting new direction for the semiconductor industry and a bold challenge to those who produce software. For semiconductor vendors, there is the opportunity to create a new kind of product with a potential market thousands of times larger than for today’s chips. […]
Research and Advances

Growth in Personalization and Business

The mass production age does not deter increases in personalizing goods, services, and delivery that build customer satisfaction and loyalty. Business growth with a concierge-like quality can result from: a business composed of interchangeable parts, more knowledgeable employees, orders that better match needs, and personal availability. Why? Customer and employee loyalties to firms and stores […]
Research and Advances

Personal End-User Tools

"If we perceive our role aright, we then see more clearly the proper criterion for success: a toolmaker succeeds as, and only as, the users of his tool succeed with his aid. However shining the blade, however perfect the heft, a sword is tested only by cutting. That swordsmith is successful whose clients die of old age." [1]
Research and Advances

Personalization on the Net -Using Web Mining: Introduction

On the Internet, we have experienced massive growth in systems that can personalize content delivered to individual users. The science behind personalization has undergone tremendous changes in recent years, yet the basic goal of personalization systems remains the same: to provide users with what they want or need without requiring them to ask for it explicitly. Personalization is the provision to the individual of tailored products, services, information or information relating to products or service. It is a broad area, also covering recommender systems, customization, and adaptive Web sites.

Inside Risks: Shrink-Wrapping Our Rights

Laws relating to computers, software, and the Internet are being proposed and passed at such a breathless rate that even those of us trying to follow them are having trouble keeping up. Unfortunately, bad laws, such as the Uniform Computer Information Transactions Act (UCITA), are likely to encourage other bad laws, such as proposals to […]

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