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Acm’s Professional Development Centre Expands Learning Opportunities

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One of ACM’s goals is to continually provide our members with meaningful professional development opportunities, supporting life-long career growth. In accordance with this goal, we are proud to announce the expansion of the ACM Professional Development Centre (PDC).

The PDC was originally created in response to member feedback emphasizing a need for greater professional development opportunities. The site was launched in 2002 with 250 online courses offered in conjunction with Sun Educational Services. Since that time, the PDC has become one of the most highly valued membership benefits of ACM.

Ongoing interest from members for additional professional development resources has led to the current PDC expansion.

Ongoing interest from members for additional professional development resources has led to the current expansion. The PDC now offers over 350 courses hosted at the Sun Learning Center (SLC). The expanded PDC encompasses greater content areas, including specific topics such as C/C++, Oracle 9i, NET, and Flash MX while adding courses in some of the most popular content areas—Java Technology, Project Management, and Networking. There are also new courses in Business Skills, such as Introduction to Finance, Effective Business Writing, and Working on Global Teams.

The PDC remains free, with unlimited access for all ACM members. It is a membership benefit we are constantly working to improve, and to that end we will continue to seek ways of increasing its value. Two features we are exploring for the immediate future include adding courses with Continuing Education Units (CEUs) and adding individual course ratings based on member feedback.

We encourage you to use the PDC and give us your feedback via Course Evaluations ( and Course Topic Suggestions ( Our goal is to provide the most up-to-date, effective learning resources possible.

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