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ACM has recognized 42 of its members for significant contributions to the development and application of computing, in areas ranging from data management and spoken-language processing to robotics and cryptography. The achievements of the 2015 ACM Fellows are fueling advances in computing that are driving the growth of the global digital economy.

"Whether they work in leading universities, corporations, or research laboratories, these newly minted ACM Fellows are responsible for the breakthroughs and industrial innovations that are transforming society at every level," said ACM President Alexander L. Wolf. "At times, the contributions of a Fellow may include enhancements to a device that immediately impacts our daily lives. At other times, new research discoveries lead to theoretical advances that, while perhaps not immediately perceptible, have substantial long-term impacts."

The 2015 ACM Fellows have been cited for contributions to key computing fields including software research, data mining, computer graphics, computer and mobile systems, system security, multiprocessor and memory architecture design, and research in sensor networks.

ACM will formally recognize the 2015 Fellows at the annual Awards Banquet, to be held in San Francisco in June. Additional information about the 2015 ACM Fellows, the awards event, as well as previous ACM Fellows and award winners is available on the ACM Awards site at

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2015 ACM Fellows

Anastasia Ailamaki

Nancy M. Amato
Texas A&M University

David M. Blei
Columbia University

Naehyuck Chang

Hsinchun Chen
University of Arizona

Mary Czerwinski
Microsoft Research

Giuseppe De Giacomo
Universita’ di Roma "La Sapienza"

Paul Dourish
University of California, Irvine

Cynthia Dwork
Microsoft Research

Kevin Fall
Carnegie Mellon University

Babak Falsafi

Michael Franz
University of California, Irvine

Orna Grumberg

Ramanathan Guha
Google, Inc.

Jayant R. Haritsa
Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore

Julia Hirschberg
Columbia University

Piotr Indyk
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Tei-Wei Kuo
Research Center for Information Technology Innovation, Academia Sinica

Xavier Leroy

Chih-Jen Lin
National Taiwan University

Bing Liu
University of Chicago

Yunhao Liu
Tsinghua University

Michael George Luby
Qualcomm Inc.

Michael Rung-Tsong Lyu
The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Ueli Maurer
ETH Zurich

Patrick McDaniel
Penn State University

Victor Miller
IDA Center for Communications Research

Elizabeth D. Mynatt
Georgia Institute of Technology

Judea Pearl

Jian Pei
Simon Fraser University

Frank Pfenning
Carnegie Mellon University

Dragomir R. Radev
University of Michigan

Sriram Rajamani
Microsoft Research, India

Pablo Rodriguez

Mooly Sagiv
Tel Aviv University

Peter Schröder
California Institute of Technology

Assaf Schuster

Kevin Skadron
University of Virginia

Wang-Chiew Tan
University of California Santa Cruz

Santosh Vempala
Georgia Institute of Technology

Tandy Warnow
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Michael Wooldridge
University of Oxford

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