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ACM Fellows Honored

Forty-four men and women are being inducted this year as 2008 ACM Fellows.
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The ACM Fellows Program was established in 1993 to recognize and honor outstanding ACM members for their achievements in computer science and information technology and for their significant contributions to the mission of the ACM. The ACM Fellows serve as distinguished colleagues to whom the ACM and its members look for guidance and leadership as the world of information technology evolves.

The men and women honored as Fellows have made critical contributions toward and continue to exhibit extraordinary leadership in the development of the Information Age, and will be inducted at the ACM Awards Banquet on June 27, 2009, in San Diego, CA.

This year’s 44 new inductees bring the total number of ACM Fellows to 675 (see for a complete list of ACM Fellows).

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ACM Fellows

Martín Abadi, Microsoft Research Silicon Valley/University of California, Santa Cruz

Gregory Abowd, Georgia Institute of Technology

Alexander Aiken, Stanford University

Sanjeev Arora, Princeton University

Hari Balakrishnan, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

William Buxton, Microsoft Research

Kenneth L. Clarkson, IBM Almaden Research Center

Jason (Jingsheng) Cong, University of California at Los Angeles

Perry R. Cook, Princeton University

Stephen A. Cook, University of Toronto

Jack W. Davidson, University of Virginia

Umeshwar Dayal, Hewlett-Packard Laboratories

Xiaotie Deng, City University of Hong Kong

Jose J. Garcia-Luna-Aceves, University of California, Santa Cruz/Palo Alto Research Center

Michel X. Goemans, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Patrick Hanrahan, Stanford University

Charles H. House, Stanford University MediaX Program

Watts S. Humphrey, SEI, Carnegie Mellon University

Alan C. Kay, Viewpoints Research Institute

Joseph A. Konstan, University of Minnesota

Roy Levin, Microsoft Research Silicon Valley

P. Geoffrey Lowney, Intel Corporation

Jitendra Malik, University of California, Berkeley

Kathryn S. McKinley, The University of Texas at Austin

Bertrand Meyer, ETH Zurich

John C. Mitchell, Stanford University

Joel Moses, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

J. Ian Munro, University of Waterloo

Judith S. Olson, University of California at Irvine

Lawrence C. Paulson, University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory

Hamid Pirahesh, IBM Almaden Research Center

Brian Randell, Newcastle University

Michael K. Reiter, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Jennifer Rexford, Princeton University

Jonathan S. Rose, University of Toronto

Mendel Rosenblum, Stanford University

Rob A. Rutenbar, Carnegie Mellon University

Tuomas Sandholm, Carnegie Mellon University

Vivek Sarkar, Rice University

Mark S. Squillante, IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center

Per Stenström, Chalmers University of Technology

Madhu Sudan, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Richard Szeliski, Microsoft Research

Douglas Terry, Microsoft Research Silicon Valley

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