March 2009 - Vol. 52 No. 3

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Prepare For Launch

The task identified by ACM in 2005 has come to fruition. Communications of the ACM has been remade both in print and online. The magazine was relaunched in July 2008, and now we are putting the finishing touches on the Web site to launch in March at To say a Web site is preparing […]
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Learning and Detecting Emergent Behavior in Networks of Cardiac Myocytes

We address the problem of specifying and detecting emergent behavior in networks of cardiac myocytes, spiral electric waves in particular, a precursor to atrial and ventricular fibrillation.
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Online Privacy Practices in Higher Education: Making the Grade?

In June 2006, the trustees of Ohio University (OU) voted unanimously to spend up to $4 million on enhanced information security. The decision came in the wake of the media coverage about OU's "lax, low-priority attitude toward security," resulting in data breaches, the theft of Social Security numbers, and an unsecured alumni database which was used by hackers for over a year to share music files and launch attacks on other systems.

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