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Solving the Unsolvable

On June 16, 1902, philosopher Bertrand Russell sent a letter to Gottlob Frege in which he argued that Frege's logical system was inconsistent. The letter launched a "Foundational Crisis" in mathematics, triggering an almost anguished search for proper foundations for mathematics.

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Driving Power in Global Supply Chains

Supply chains are increasingly global. We pour energy into managing them efficiently, with their risks and rewards. Yet we do not know enough about how profits are divided and distributed along a global chain that changes over time. This is a question worth posing.
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Technical Perspective: Is Scale Your Enemy, Or Is Scale Your Friend?

Scale has been the single most important force driving changes in system software over the last decade. Its impact is most obvious in the Web arena, however, it also impacts developers outside the Web. In this paper, scale comes from the large installed base of Windows and the correspondingly large number of error reports emanating from the installed base.
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Debugging in the (Very) Large: Ten Years of Implementation and Experience

Windows Error Reporting (WER) is a distributed system that automates the processing of error reports coming from an installed base of a billion machines. WER has collected billions of error reports in 10 years of operation.
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The Case For RAMCloud

With scalable high-performance storage entirely in DRAM, RAMCloud will enable a new breed of data-intensive applications.

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