August 2008 - Vol. 51 No. 8

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Opinion Letters to the editor

Words Both Kind and Contrary

For the first time in many, many years I found Communications (July 2008) both friendly to the reader and useful. Over the years, the physical form and font of the issues were very unfriendly, let alone the content, which was quite rarified. Not this latest issue. The redesign makes the physical attributes—paper (non-glossy, yeah!), layout, […]
Opinion CACM online

Small Changes Hint at Bigger Things

The redesign of Communications Web site is taking place largely out of sight, though a clue to the coming changes is on the cover of this very issue. It’s sitting discretely under the name of the publication. It’s the new URL for the new site, which will launch in early 2009: Back to Top […]
Research and Advances Research highlights

Wake Up and Smell the Coffee: Evaluation Methodology For the 21st Century

Evaluation methodology underpins all innovation in experimental computer science. It requires relevant workloads, appropriate experimental design, and rigorous analysis. Unfortunately, methodology is not keeping pace with the changes in our field.
Opinion Last byte

Puzzled: Delightful Graph Theory

Welcome to the new puzzle column. Each column will present three puzzles. The first two will have known (and usually elegant) solutions that will appear in the next issue of Communications. The third will be an open problem; good luck with that one. Readers are encouraged to submit prospective puzzles for future columns to We start with three delightful graph-theoretic puzzles. Here we go.

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