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  1. Hiding In Plain Sight
  2. Calling All Authors
  3. Rules to Write By
  4. Looking Good
  5. Extra! Extra! Read All About It!
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The redesign of Communications Web site is taking place largely out of sight, though a clue to the coming changes is on the cover of this very issue. It’s sitting discretely under the name of the publication. It’s the new URL for the new site, which will launch in early 2009: cacm.acm.org.

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Calling All Authors

The dramatic changes to Communications—the magazine—call for an equally distinctive selection of top-notch articles. The Editorial Board of Communications welcomes your submissions, which can be delivered online at cacm.acm.org/submissions.

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Rules to Write By

This new editorial model comes with a new set of guidelines for authors to follow. A comprehensive description of what’s expected in a manuscript can be found in the Author Guidelines, available online at cacm.acm.org/guidelines.

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Looking Good

You don’t need Google to learn about authors of the nearly one million Communications’ and other articles in ACM’s Digital Library. The new Author Profile pages provide biographical information as well as usage statistics that help measure an author’s impact. They also allow for community participation in the profiles. To investigate, click on an author’s name from the full citation page of any article in the Digital Library; www.acm.org/dl.

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Extra! Extra! Read All About It!

Each issue of Communications is available in a special Digital Edition, an electronic format that can be searched or downloaded. The latest Digital Edition, and an archive of past issues, is available online. The Digital Editions can also be viewed on a mobile phone, or via an RSS feed. Go to mags.acm.org/communications/.

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