April 2017 - Vol. 60 No. 4

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Opinion Letters to the editor

Consider Indirect Threats of AI, Too

Alan Bundy's Viewpoint "Smart Machines Are Not a Threat to Humanity" (Feb. 2017) was too limited in light of the recent accomplishments of artificial intelligence. Reducing the entire field to four "successful AI systems" does not give the full picture of the impact of AI on humanity.


2002 ACM Turing laureate Len Adleman, 2014 ACM Prize in Computing recipient Dan Boneh, 2015 ACM Grace Murray Hopper Award recipient Brent Waters, and ACM Fellows Patrick McDaniel and Paul Van Oorschot discuss current issues in cybersecurity.
Research and Advances Review articles

A Service Computing Manifesto: The Next 10 Years

Mapping out the challenges and strategies for the widespread adoption of service computing.
Research and Advances Research highlights

Certifying a File System Using Crash Hoare Logic: Correctness in the Presence of Crashes

This paper introduces Crash Hoare logic, which extends traditional Hoare logic with a crash condition, a recovery procedure, and logical address spaces for specifying disk states at different abstraction levels.

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