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CSTA Then and Now

This blog piece looks at CSTA's first 10 years and the role ACM and CSTA have played in the momentous changes to K-12 computer science education.

Fixing the K-12 CS Teacher Certification Mess

This blog piece explores the mess that is K-12 Computer Science Teacher certification in the U.S. and why this matters. It introduces CSTA's new "Bugs in the System" report and provides practical recommendations for creating requirements that make sense and make a different.

It Is a Pivotal Time For K-12 Computer Science

Many colleges and universities now have ongoing outreach and mentoring programs because they understand that waiting for students to come to them is a recipe for disaster. Interest in computer science must begin in K–12 where other academic disciplines first sow the seeds of interest and engagement.

Shape the Future of Computing

ACM encourages its members to take a direct hand in shaping the future of the association. There are more ways than ever to get involved.

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