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One of the first things you’ll notice about the new Communications Web site (cacm.acm.org) is that it has different content than the monthly magazine. A distinctive example is the blogs. The site hosts two kinds. Syndicated blogs, about a dozen of them, provide an array of insight, opinion, and information from innovative technology movers and thinkers. All were recommended by ACM members and most are written by ACM members. They reflect the international scope of the computing world.

In addition, the new Communications site is proud to present its own expert blog manned by a Who’s Who of leading computer science researchers and practitioners. These include MIT’s Scott Aaronson, Georgia Tech’s Mark Guzdial, ACM Fellow James J. "Jim" Horning, IBM Research’s Tessa Lau, Google’s Peter Norvig, Microsoft Research’s Daniel A. Reed, MIT’s Michael Stonebraker, CMU’s Jeannette M. Wing, and other illustrious names. Their collective observations and insights are sure to spark great interest and debate.

The expert and syndicated blogs do several things for Communications’ online readers: they provide valuable content; generate discussion; and encourage communication.

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