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With this issue, we close one chapter in the evolving history of Communications and prepare to write another. Indeed, it is only fitting that a publication dedicated to chronicling how science and technology change our world take a look within to assess how best to recharge the editorial direction driven by those changes.

The editorial mix in this issue certainly befits the Communications legacy. We begin with a stunning collection of stories and images that tell of a (near) future where computing takes any shape or form—displays that bend and fold, that start as one shape but change with user needs—courtesy of the emerging field of Organic User Interfaces. There is also a pronouncement from a stellar group of Web industry leaders who argue that personal accountability must be a strong component of great technological work. And interspersed throughout the issue are accounts of real-world applications and practices that serve to teach, explore, and spark discussion.

The July issue will unveil a new editorial model and striking new look. Editor-in-chief Moshe Vardi gave us an early peek at this model in the January 2008 issue (http://mags.acm.org/communications/20-0801/). Former ACM President David Patterson explains the process and factors that inspired the redesign in a Webcast available at http://www.acm.org/news/featured/cacm-redesign/. And if you are interested in exploring editorial opportunities, please see the new Author Guidelines on page 105.

Words will never convey the gratitude and appreciation for all who have served Communications and its readers for the past 15 years. The next editorial vision finds roots in the tireless efforts of our Editorial Advisory Board, as well as the authors, columnists, and reviewers always striving to maintain the editorial quality Communications readers demand. And words can never capture how this editorial staff continues to produce top-quality issues each month, besting comparable publications with four times the headcount.

To Art Director Caren Rosenblatt, who leaves us with this issue, words are no match for her deft talent in welcoming a reader into a story with elegant imagery. This issue clearly reflects the graphic gift she brought to the table every month for 12 years. It is a testament to her ability that under her guidance, a dozen illustrations appearing in Communications over the past year alone have won top honors in the graphic arts industry—beating out the biggest commercial magazines in the publishing world. Caren, our resident world traveler, has a world of opportunity to explore. Whatever path she chooses, I know she will do so with the same passion and colorful flair we’ve come to count on and admire.

Diane Crawford

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