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eBooks Will Abound in the ACM Digital Library

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ACM is preparing to offer a new and exciting member benefit for 2012; eBooks accessible via the ACM Digital Library! As many ACM members are already aware, the Association has had agreements in place for several years with both Safari Books Online and Books 24×7 that enable current members to download selected computing books from those eBook platforms (approximately 1,200 titles in aggregate between the two separate collections). To date, tens of thousands of ACM members have taken advantage of this free benefit and this program is generally considered an important service to the ACM community.

In an effort to expand on the success of the existing eBooks Collections in the ACM Learning Center (see http://learning.acm.org/books/index.cfm), ACM will start to make available the full-text versions of approximately 150 computing eBook titles published by Morgan Kaufmann and Syngress directly via the ACM Digital Library platform. In addition to having full-text access to a growing and amazing collection of academic- and practitioner-oriented eBook titles, ACM members (students and professionals alike) will be able to login with their ACM Web Account credentials and have seamless access to this content directly from the ACM Digital Library. Those familiar with the Digital Library know the platform already indexes and abstracts many books from the computing field. Now, the full-text versions of many of these titles from MK and Syngress will be loaded in the DL for individual use.

Look for this new benefit in the first quarter of 2012 and happy reading!

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