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Proposal to Dissolve SIGAPL


The SGB EC brought forward a motion to dissolve SIGAPL, the Special Interest Group on the APL and J Languages based on an insufficient level of activity. The SGB EC recommends that SIGAPL's resources be used to provide up to two years worth of membership in another SIG of their choice (one year for SIGAPL members who have paid only one year of dues). Furthermore, the SGB EC has recommended that the SIGAPL community could organize conferences or other activities under the auspices of a more general SIG such as SIGPLAN. In accordance with ACM Bylaw 6 Section 11, this motion will be considered only after ACM's membership has had 60 days of notice to respond. If one percent of all ACM members, or five percent of SIGAPL members challenge the proposal to dissolve SIGAPL, the consideration of the motion will be delayed six additional months to give those challengers an opportunity to revitalize the SIG. ACM members who wish to challenge the proposed dissolution should contact Donna Cappo, Director of SIG Services, at, no later than June 15, 2007. Challenges must include your ACM membership number and should indicate whether you are a current member of SIGAPL. Other questions can be addressed to SGB Chair Joseph Konstan (

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