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  1. Symbols for Vagabond Users
  2. Chipped Tooth
  3. Pixel Fix on Visual Intelligence
  4. Blinking Bumper
  5. Virtual House Calls
  6. More Than One Billion Served
  7. Math and Science Teachers Wanted
  8. Crash Test Dummy
  9. Footnotes
  10. Figures

"People used to go to psychiatrists to say `the CIA planted a chip in my brain.’ Now the family dog has a chip to prevent him from getting lost. In a few years, psychiatrists may be asking, `Have you been chipped?’"
—Paul Saffo, director at the Institute for the Future, Palo Alto, Calif.

"Science and math are forever up against the problem of finding enough qualified people to be teaching … in the schools."
—Patricia Morse, chair of the NSF committee on the dearth of math and science teachers

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