June 2007 - Vol. 50 No. 6


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Editorial Pointers

Sometimes the best way to beat the competition is to join it, at least when it comes to networking similar functions to work collectively rather than separately. Scientists, engineers, and IT and telecommunications experts have been working—collectively—to harness the power of business networks, embedded with intelligence, to coordinate business processes running on diverse business platforms. […]
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Jeff Kramer’s view, expressed in his article "Is Abstraction the Key to Computing?" (Apr. 2007), that abstraction is indeed a key concept in computing, especially in software design, is correct but far from new. It’s a lesson I learned from the late E.W. Dijkstra 40 years ago and underlies every software development method proposed since […]
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News Track

A team of 18 mathematicians and computer scientists have mapped one of the most complex objects in mathematics—E8—shown here in an eight-dimensional form projected onto two dimensions. The monstrous computer-based calculation has rekindled researchers’ hopes of solving a longstanding problem among mathematicians, reports Scientific American. The team’s calculation, which took four years to prepare and […]
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Automatic and Versatile Publications Ranking For Research Institutions and Scholars

Assessing both academic and industrial research institutions, along with their scholars, can help identify the best organizations and individuals in a given discipline. Assessment can reveal outstanding institutions and scholars, allowing students and researchers to better decide where they want to study or work and allowing employers to recruit the most qualified potential employees. These assessments can also assist both internal and external administrators in making influential decisions; for example, funding, promotion, and compensation.
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Top 10 Downloads from ACM’s Digital Library

Communications of the ACM Volume 50, Number 6 (2007), Pages 86-87 Hot links: Top 10 downloads from ACM’s digital library Diane Crawford Table of Contents Tables Back to Top Tables Table. The Top 10 Most Popular Papers from ACM’s Refereed Journals and Conference Proceedings Downloaded in March 2007 Table. The 10 Most Popular Courses at […]
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Risks Are Your Responsibility

In his February 2007 column, Peter Neumann mentioned some failures that resulted from inadequate attention to the architecture of the overall system when considering components. But many developers cannot influence or even comprehend the system architecture. So, how can they be held responsible in such a situation? Although many system failures can be detected and […]

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