February 2007 - Vol. 50 No. 2

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Opinion Editorial pointers

Editorial Pointers

It’s a cyberspace cat-and-mouse game with billions at stake and billions more spent in intercepting and eradicating spam. No sooner does a new crop of anti-spam solutions hit the market than spammers find new ways to defeat them. There appeared to be a global reprieve of sorts about 18 months ago that experts credited to […]
News News track

News Track

U.S. employers are now compelled to keep track of all email messages, instant messages, and other electronic documents generated by their employees, as per new federal rules that took effect last December. The Associated Press reports the legislation, approved by the U.S. Supreme Court, requires companies involved in federal litigation to produce "electronically stored information" […]
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The conclusion by Peter J. Denning and Rick Hayes-Roth in their "The Profession of IT" column ("Decision Making in Very Large Networks," Nov. 2006) should have been that hastily formed networks are useful but only when information flow (as opposed to raw data flow) is high and coordination minimal. In any other context (such as […]
News Student de-charter notice

Student De-Charter Notice

ACM is considering the de-charter of the following chapters due to inactivity Members interested in revitalizing their chapters should contact Lauren Ryan, Local Activities Coordinator, at local_activities@acm.org. ACM will terminate the chapters listed below after 90 days unless interested volunteers express a desire to reactivate their chapter by updating their bylaws and preparing acceptable revitalization […]
News SIGs Announce Candidates for Election

SIGs Announce Candidates For Election

In accordance with ACM Bylaw 6, the following SIGs will hold elections in 2007: SIGARCH, SIGCOMM, SIGCSE, SIGDOC, SIGEVO, SIGGRAPH, SIGIR, SIGITE, SIGMM, SIGSAM, and SIGWEB. ACM Policy and Procedures require that those SIGs holding elections notify their membership of candidates for elected offices. Below is a list of SIGs that have submitted their slate […]
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Top 10 Downloads from ACM’s Digital Library

Communications of the ACM Volume 50, Number 2 (2007), Pages 99-100 Hot links: Top 10 downloads from ACM’s digital library Diane Crawford Table of Contents Tables Back to Top Tables Table. The Top 10 Most Popular Papers from ACM’s Refereed Journals and Conference Proceedings Downloaded in November 2006 Table. The 10 Most Popular Courses at […]
Opinion Inside risks

Widespread Network Failures

Networking problems offer many potential lessons that must be assimilated by researchers, developers, and operators of highly distributed systems such as computer networks and electric power distribution. In this column, I briefly revisit some widespread outages and other extreme network behavior, and explore ever-increasing needs for trustworthy distributed control. The 1980 four-hour ARPANET collapse (a […]

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