Toward Native Web Execution

Several software projects are narrowing the performance gap between browser-based applications and their desktop counterparts. In the process, they're creating new ways to improve the security of Web-based computing.

Tech Mainstays Promote Machines That Fix Themselves

Technology companies are embracing self-healing technology, a computing strategy that could have a major impact on the data center and the desktop. IBM uses self-healing technologies in WebSphere, DB2, the Lotus Foundations product line, and its Power servers. And Sun Microsystems has designed predictive self-healing modules that enable Solaris to self-diagnose and mitigate problems.

Living Machines

Researchers of molecular computing and communication are focusing on the type of breakthroughs needed to make the vision of ultrasmall, biocompatible computers a reality.

Shape the Future of Computing

ACM encourages its members to take a direct hand in shaping the future of the association. There are more ways than ever to get involved.

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