Designing APIs For Mobile Performance Best Practices

While there are many ways of tackling these unique obstacles of mobile performance, this article is largely focused on things that can be done from an API, or backend service, to improve the performance (or the perception thereof) of mobile clients.  The article is focused on 2 main parts: 1.      Minimizing network connections and the need to transmit data – efficient media handling, effective caching, and employing longer data-oriented operations with fewer connections. 2.      Sending the "right" data across the network – designing APIs to return only the data that is needed/requested, and optimizing for the various types of forms of mobile devices.   

Data Mining Product Reviews

When it comes to big data, one of the greatest things we can do as computer scientists creating products is to distill all the information down to what is important. Of course, the challenge with these sorts of problems always lies in the details. This article goes into a few of the challenges associated with applying data mining to product reviews.  

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