Research and Advances

The use of an interactive information storage and retrieval system in medical research

This paper presents the results of a study of the use of an interactive computerized storage and retrieval system. A monitor built into the computer system provided usage data for the study. Additional data on user reactions were gathered from a questionnaire. The results show the important role played by frequently chosen laboratory reference leaders in influencing the use of this system. The implications of the study for the design of similar systems are discussed.
Research and Advances

The stage hypothesis and the s-curve: some contradictory evidence

This paper presents the results of a study testing the s-shaped budget curve of Nolan's stage model of computer development in an organization. Research on the data processing budgets of California counties fails to support the s-shaped curve or the use of budgets as a basis for a stage model. However, the results do not invalidate the concept of a stage model. The analysis suggest an alternative model of budget growth and a separation between models of budgeting growth and growth stages in the development of the computer resource.

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