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Spreadsheet analysis and design

Although spreadsheet programs and microcomputers have revolutionized information processing in organizations, a significant number of serious errors have been reported through the misuse of this technology. This article discusses several different contexts for the development of spreadsheet models and presents structured design techniques for these models.
Research and Advances

Organizational power and the information services department

A theory of intraorganizational power is discussed and applied to the information services department. The results of a study of the power of five departments in 40 manufacturing plants is presented. Hypotheses about the levels of power of information processing are not supported by the findings; however, the power theory in general does receive support.The information-services department is perceived as having low levels of power and influence in the organization: Reasons for this unexpected finding are discussed. The paper suggests several explanations for the results and possible problems in the organization. Recommendations to senior management and the information-services department are offered.
Research and Advances

The impact of office automation on the organization: some implications for research and practice

Computer technology has recently been applied to the automation of office tasks and procedures. Much of the technology is aimed not at improving the efficiency of current office procedures, but at altering the nature of office work altogether. The development of automated office systems raises a number of issues for the organization. How will this technology be received by organization members? How will it affect the definition of traditional office work? What will be its impact on individuals, work groups, and the structure of the organization? This paper presents a descriptive model and propositions concerning the potential impacts of office automation on the organization and it stresses the need, when implementing automated office systems, to take a broad perspective of their potential positive and negative effects on the organization. The need for further research examining the potential effects of office automation is emphasized.

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