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The First Business Application: a Significant Milestone in Software History


The first business application: a significant milestone in software history

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    Celebrating the pivotal role of the first business applications software.


    1. Glass, R.L. In the Beginning: Recollections of Software Pioneers. IEEE Computer Society Press, 1998. Google Scholar Google Scholar Digital Library Digital Library
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    1. The first business application


          Molisa D. Derk

          The history of software is a neglected topic. Glass is correct to recognize an early success in business applications software; however, the article leaves many questions open. The study of history is more than the process of discovering what came first. It is about causes, effects, and influences. What about the J. Lyons software that Glass honors as being the first business applications software__?__ Did it influence other business software__?__ Did the automatic data processing procedures pioneered by IBM’s punch card systems contribute to its development, or were other influences at work__?__ Glass claims that this software had a “pivotal” role, but does not explain that role. In fact, the article seems to imply that the J. Lyons software went largely unknown, both then and now. The article is well worth reading, but perhaps may be more valuable for the real historical study that I hope it will inspire. Online Computing Reviews Service

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