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Why Computer Scientists Should Attend Hacker Conferences


Why computer scientists should attend hacker conferences

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    Along with the intellectual challenge, scientists may appreciate the technical insight, especially about security, ethical honesty, and common computing interests.


    1. Verton, D. Hacker conferences highlight security threats. PCWorld.com (July 20, 2001); www.pcworld.com/news/article/0,aid,55784,00.asp.Google Scholar Google Scholar

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    1. Why computer scientists should attend hacker conferences


                Charles L. Barest

                Eureka! It was refreshing to read an article authored by another professional or academic in the field of computer science who truly understands the significance of attending hacker conferences: the nature of their attendees, and the rewards that can come from collaborating with others who have, as the author puts it, “a common thread – a passion for technology, and an intense interest in how things work.” Conti is no beginner to these events; he points out that he has “now attended 11 and presented at three.” With this experience, he successfully describes the merits of interacting with the hacker community, and the many opportunities it presents. Citing his own experiences as having profound and positive influences, he supports this view with examples, including what he has been able to bring back to the classroom. Conti’s engaging style, and his familiarity with and enthusiasm for his subject, makes this a very interesting article. His writing is clear, and draws an accurate perspective often missed by those of us coloring within the lines of mainstream computer science. I found this article to be well written, and tastefully adorned with imagery, interesting anecdotes, and curiosities. If this article doesn’t inspire you to look further into hacker conferences, you may already be an attendee, in which case you will find Conti’s article true and respectful of the culture. Online Computing Reviews Service

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