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Apps For Ipad 3: What Apple Should Demo at the Grand ­nveiling
From ACM Opinion

Apps For Ipad 3: What Apple Should Demo at the Grand ­nveiling

All indicators suggest Apple will unveil the iPad 3 during the first week of March. That’s less than a month away, and sources at The Next Web say Apple is in "crunch...

From ACM Careers

Kidsruby 1.0 Released

So, you have a son or daughter who is showing some interest in computer programming, but you're not really sure where to start.

From ACM Opinion

How to Silence the Obnoxious and Deafening Vuvuzela

Do you hear that? The hideous, piercing dirge of a B-flat drone that is the unfortunate backdrop to every single World Cup match? It’s the vuvuzela, a stupid plastic...

From ACM Opinion

How Movies Activate Your Neural G-Spot

Here’s a typical “date night” with me and Hollywood: I don’t know what I want to see. Neither does Hollywood. But it bangs on my eyeballs and eardrums like Stanley...

From ACM Opinion

'don't Be Evil,' Meet 'spy on Everyone': How the Nsa Deal Could Kill Google

The company once known for its "don't be evil" motto is now in bed with the spy agency known for the mass surveillance of American citizens. The National Security...
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