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The Top Technews Stories of 2015

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As was the case the year before, the most frequently clicked-on links in TechNews are those that provide access to the most recently updated Android, iPhone, and iPad versions of the ACM TechNews App, which allows access to TechNews through a smart portable device.

As for non-app content, the most popular link clicked on by readers of TechNews during 2015 was a link to the Friday, Aug. 14th Science News article "A few key signs betray betrayal," describing a computer scientist’s use of the game Diplomacy to study patterns of communication between players that foreshadow betrayal, as a proxy for studying "real-life treachery."

Following are the 10 most frequently clicked-on content links in TechNews during 2015:





A few key signs betray betrayal, Science News, Aug. 7, 2015

A few key signs betray betrayal


Tired of memorizing passwords? A Turing Award winner came up with this algorithmic trick, Network World, Aug. 31, 2015


‘FREAK’ flaw undermines security for Apple and Google users, researchers discover, The Washington Post, March 3, 2015


What ‘The Imitation Game’ didn’t tell you about Turing’s greatest triumph, The Washington Post, Feb. 20, 2015


The most popular programming languages are rapidly changing, Quartz, April 8, 2015


Russian researchers expose breakthrough U.S. spying program, Reuters, Feb. 16, 2015


18 universities produce half of US and Canada’s computer science professors, Quartz, Feb. 12, 2015


A Crypto Trick That Makes Software Nearly Impossible to Reverse-Engineer, Wired, Feb. 11, 2015


These researchers have discovered the perfect password that’s also easy to remember, Wired, Oct. 22, 2015


Computer scientists use Twitter to predict UK general election result, University of Warwick News & Events, May 5, 2015


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Lawrence M. Fisher is Senior Editor/News for ACM Magazines.

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