Computing Applications Professional de-charter notice

Notice of Intent to De-Charter Professional Chapters

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ACM is considering the de-charter of the following chapters due to inactivity. Members interested in revitalizing their chapters should contact Lauren Ryan, Local Activities Coordinator, at ACM will terminate the chapters listed below after 90 days unless interested volunteers express a desire to reactivate their chapter by redoing their bylaws and preparing acceptable revitalization plans.

  • ACM Beijing SIGMOD
  • ACM Southwestern China SIGMOD
  • Anchorage ACM Chapter
  • Austin ACM Chapter
  • Austin ACM SIGART
  • Austin ACM SIGCHI
  • Austrian ACM Chapter
  • Baltimore ACM Chapter
  • Belgium ACM SIGCHI
  • Calgary ACM SIGSOFT
  • Central Illinois ACM Chapter
  • Channel Islands ACM SIGAda
  • Charlotte ACM Chapter
  • Chicago ACM SIGGRAPH
  • Chicago ACM SIGSOFT
  • China Lake ACM SIGAda
  • Cleveland/Akron ACM SIGART
  • Cuyahoga Valley ACM Chapter
  • Dallas ACM Chapter
  • Dallas/Fort Worth ACM SIGGRAPH
  • Dallas/Fort Worth ACM SIGAda
  • Dayton ACM SIGAda
  • Delaware Valley ACM SIGART
  • Denver/Boulder ACM SIGGRAPH
  • Eastern Idaho ACM Chapter
  • Fort Wayne ACM SIGAda
  • Fort Worth ACM Chapter
  • Greater Boston SIGPLAN
  • Greater Boston SIGSOFT
  • Greater Boston Web Tech ACM Chapter
  • Greater Cincinnati ACM Chapter
  • Greater Dayton ACM SIGART
  • Greater Hartford ACM SIGAda
  • Hampton Roads ACM SIGART
  • Hawaii ACM SIGAda
  • Houston ACM Chapter
  • Houston Area ACM SIGGRAPH
  • Houston SIGFORTH
  • Houston/Clear Lake Area ACM Chapter
  • Hudson Valley ACM SIGART
  • Hudson-Mohawk ACM Chapter
  • Italian ACM SIGLINK (LinkIt)
  • Jersey Shore ACM SIGAda
  • Kalamazoo SW Michigan ACM Chapter
  • Kansas City ACM SIGCHI
  • Kiev/Ukraine ACM SIGSAM
  • Las Vegas ACM Chapter
  • Long Island ACM SIGAda
  • Los Angeles ACM SIGART
  • Los Angeles Metro ACM SIGSOFT
  • LVIV/Ukraine ACM Chapter
  • Madison Area ACM Chapter
  • Malaysian ACM Chapter
  • Memphis ACM Chapter
  • Metro-Detroit ACM Chapter
  • Midlands ACM Chapter
  • Montreal ACM SIGGRAPH
  • NC Triangle ACM SIGCHI
  • NC Triangle Area ACM Chapter
  • New Delhi ACM Chapter
  • New York ACM SIGAPL
  • New York City ACM SIGCHI
  • Niagara Frontier ACM Chapter
  • North Carolina TRIAD ACM Chapter
  • Northwest Florida ACM Chapter
  • Northwest Ohio ACM Chapter
  • Novosibirsk/Russia ACM SIGPLAN
  • NY Southern Tier ACM Chapter
  • Orange County ACM Chapter
  • Ottawa ACM SIGAda
  • Ottawa ACM SIGART
  • Philadelphia ACM SIGCHI
  • Phoenix ACM Chapter
  • Phoenix ACM SIGAda
  • Pikes Peak ACM Chapter
  • Pittsburgh ACM SIGGRAPH
  • Portuguese ACM SIGGROUP
  • Potomac ACM SIGAPL
  • Princeton ACM SIGART
  • Princeton ACM SIGGRAPH
  • Puget Sound ACM SIGAda
  • Purdue University ACM SIGGRAPH
  • Richmond ACM Chapter
  • Rio Grande ACM SIGAda
  • Rio Grande ACM SIGGRAPH
  • Rochester ACM SIGGRAPH
  • Romanian ACM Chapter
  • Rome Utica ACM Chapter
  • Rotterdam ACM SIGGRAPH
  • San Diego ACM SIGAda
  • San Diego ACM SIGART
  • San Diego ACM SIGCHI
  • Santa Barbara ACM Chapter
  • Sao Paulo ACM SIGGRAPH
  • Saudi Arabia ACM Chapter
  • SE Connecticut ACM Chapter
  • Shreveport ACM Chapter
  • Sierra Nevada ACM Chapter
  • Southeast Pennsylvania ACM Chapter
  • Southern Arizona ACM Chapter
  • Southern Poland ACM SIGGRAPH
  • Space Coast ACM SIGAda
  • Spain ACM SIGCHI
  • Spain Madrid ACM SIGGRAPH
  • St. Louis ACM Chapter
  • St. Louis ACM SIGART
  • St. Petersburg ACM SIGFORTH
  • Sunbelt ACM SIGAda
  • Susquehanna Valley ACM Chapter
  • Swiss ACM Chapter
  • Terre Haute Area ACM Chapter
  • Toronto ACM SIGCHI
  • Toronto ACM SIGGRAPH
  • Tri-Cities Washington ACM SIGGRAPH
  • Twin Cities ACM Chapter
  • Twin Cities ACM SIGART
  • Twin Cities ACM SIGCHI
  • Twin Cities SIGAda
  • United Kingdom ACM SIGAda
  • Utah ACM Chapter
  • Utica/Rome ACM SIGART
  • Vancouver ACM SIGCHI
  • Ventura County ACM Chapter
  • Washington D.C. ACM SIGMOD
  • Washington DC Area ACM SIGCHI
  • Washington DC Metro Area ACM SIGGRAPH
  • Willamette Valley ACM Chapter

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