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An edited collection of advanced computing news from Communications of the ACM, ACM TechNews, other ACM resources, and news sites around the Web.

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Facebook Ipo: How Does Facebook Make Its Money?

Facebook's IPO filing shows that the company brought in about $3.7 billion in revenue and made $1 billion in profit in 2011.

Cloud Centers Bring High-Tech Flash but Not Many Jobs to Beaten-Down Towns
From ACM Careers

Cloud Centers Bring High-Tech Flash but Not Many Jobs to Beaten-Down Towns

Here in this once-thriving town of furniture makers and textile mills, where Main Street businesses have vanished, nearby fast-food joints have closed and unemployment...

From ACM News

Google to Enlist NSA to Help It Ward Off Cyberattacks

The world's largest Internet search company and the world's most powerful electronic surveillance organization are teaming up in the name of cybersecurity. Under...

From ACM News

Computers Guide Traffic Lights to Reduce Congestion For Commuters, Other Drivers

There probably are just two times when you think about a traffic light. When one just turned yellow. ("Can I make it?") When one has been red for too long. ("Come...

From ACM News

Now We Know Where We Stand, and It's About Time

America has seen its last Lost Generation. Thanks to an invisible armada of incessantly broadcasting satellites, collectively called the Global Positioning System...

From ACM TechNews

Metrorail Crash May Exemplify Automation Paradox

The fatal collision of two trains on Washington, D.C., Metro's Red Line may come to symbolize the core problem of automation, which is the relationship between...

From ACM TechNews

The Next Big Sensation?

Computer scientists are developing machines that enable users to feel digital content. "The world is going digital, but people are analog," says Immersion Corp...
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