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Numbers give meaning to the promises on Communications Web site to deliver timely, substantive content that complements the magazine's peer-reviewed material and makes Communications a valued component of ACM membership. The following data illustrates a portion of the content available only at

News Coverage. News from industry, academia, ACM TechNews, the technical and mainstream media, plus original articles helps drive the site with fresh content every business day.

Points of View. Expert contributors make the BLOG@CACM ( one of the most popular features of the site. Opinion articles ( and Interviews ( also inspire lively discussions.

Professional Help. The Careers page ( provides information and advice on employment and professional issues.

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a. Some numbers for July 2010 are incomplete due to production deadlines.


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UF1Figure. Number of monthly news articles posted exclusively on

UF2Figure. Number of opinion pieces posted each month.

UF3Figure. Number of career-related articles.

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