October 2008 - Vol. 51 No. 10

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Geometry, Flows, and Graph-Partitioning Algorithms

"Graph partitioning" refers to a family of computational problems in which the vertices of a graph have to be partitioned into two (or more) large pieces while minimizing the number of the edges that cross the cut. The goal of this paper is to survey an interesting combination of techniques that have recently led to progress on graph partioning problems.
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Large Scale Project Team Building: Beyond the Basics

Much has been written in the last few years about the success, or usually, failure of enterprise resource planning (ERP) projects. Many guidelines for success have been given including top management commitment, organizational change management initiatives, and comprehensive process mapping. Although these are all important components of an ERP project, little attention is given to the implementation project team itself.
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Understanding Evolution in Technology Ecosystems

The current environment of information technology can be a complex place for analysts and firms to navigate, especially when making decisions about new product development, technology investment, and technology planning. Many industry analysts recognize that it is difficult, if not impossible, to accurately predict future technological advances.
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Understanding the Influence of Network Positions and Knowledge Processing Styles

In today's turbulent business environment, an organization's ability to sustain its growth and competitive edge depends on how well it manages its stock of knowledge. Recognizing that knowledge is paramount to the success of the firm, companies are evolving practices to facilitate the creation, acquisition, storage, transfer, and utilization of knowledge assets. Intra-organizational units play a critical role in this process, and it is imperative that organizations understand how the information and knowledge network comprising such units can impact the overall effectiveness of their knowledge management (KM) practices.
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RFID in the Supply Chain: Panacea or Pandora's Box?

Today, it is widely believed that the use of radio frequency identification (RFID) technology will enable substantive supply chain transformations. RFID can help reduce counterfeiting, theft, and the bullwhip effect; it can improve on-shelf availability, customer service, inventory management, downstream forecasting, warehouse and back room operations.
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Governing Diversity in the Digital Ecosystem

The concept of ecosystem is about to be brought into the digital age where, instead of plants and animals, the digital species who roam the landscape include software components, applications, services, business models, contractual frameworks and laws. Along with understanding the nature of habitat and the significance of localisation, diversity is one of the key characteristics of a healthy ecosystem. However, encouraging diversity in the context of technology production brings with it significant challenges, and designing a framework for governance that can balance interests, address technology lock-in and enable the co-existence of diverse software production methods quickly becomes a priority, as participants in the Digital Business Ecosystem project have found.
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Myths and Paradoxes in Japanese IT Offshoring

Nothing captures Japanese offshoring practices better than the old Japanese proverb "Tap the stone bridge before crossing." As global IT offshoring continues to grow at an astounding pace, the seemingly impenetrable Japanese market baffles many offshore IT vendors. On one hand, Japanese industries are among the most software-intensive, yet they appear reluctant when it comes to offshoring.

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