April 2012 - Vol. 55 No. 4

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ACM China Council

The goal of ACM China Council is threefold: to increase the number of high-quality ACM activities, to raise ACM's visibility, and to contribute to advancing computing as a science and profession. We can report significant progress in these areas since our 2010 launch.
Opinion Letters to the editor

The Beauty of Simplicity

I was disappointed by Robert Green's and Henry Ledgard's emphasis in "Coding Guidelines: Finding the Art in the Science" (Dec. 2011) on "alignment, naming, use of white space, use of context, syntax highlighting, and IDE choice." As effective as these aspects of beautiful code may be, they are at best only skin deep.
Research and Advances Research highlights

Asynchronous Contact Mechanics

Physicists have long observed physical phenomena and developed mathematical models to describe them. The advent of computers has allowed us to implement these models as software in a computational environment, launching the field of physical simulation.

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