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Drummond Ltd. Systems engineer Carlos A. Brewer R.

This August 27 the Colombian ministry of telecommunications in partnership with a private corporation inaugurated approximately 1500 internet cafes for public access at no cost (free).

This new sites are located in areas where internet access was limited or non-existant.

This is a big step in promoting access to new technologies to that segment of Colombian citizens with no internet access possibilities.

This new services allows users of these areas to access online courses and training provided by SENA (Colombian Institute of Learning) which is a public entity. It is also possible for these users to start careers on several other institutions and also watch and absorb the contents of many educational websites.

This is another step in the reduction of the technological and economical gap between countries around the world, however poverty reduction goals for the millennium cannot be eclipsed by this kind of achievements, instead it must help on the global effort of poverty reduction.

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