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The End of Freedom on Internet?

Drummond Ltd. Systems engineer Carlos A. Brewer R.

Few days ago a Colombian student (age about 25), excellent performance in his studies, vegetarian and according to his family and friends a pacific person was put into jail because he created a group inside the social network “facebook” the title of the group is a threat  against the life of one of the president  sons.

I have to ask myself if this is not an excessive measure taken against the freedom of speech on the INTERNET; and this is not the only case of censorship and an attack to the freedom of speech, Spain faced a scandal last week due to alleged threats to national security coming from INTERNET bloggers and INTERNET media.

This situation repeats in many countries around the world, China controls almost every transmission and data package of Internet connections inside the country and so on, in USA one student was sued by music industry to pay like 4 million dollars; prosecutors alleged that this student was downloading illegal music.

Will be this situation of censorship, limitation to basic liberties and some other measures change the INTERNET?, will there be an end to the free exchange of information between bloggers, will this change anything on Internet?

I do not know, but from my point of view I believe that  some measures are extreme in their application and with no sense in their logic, what can we expect in the near future of this?.


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