New York Celebration of Women in Computing


On April 8 and 9, 2011, we will hold the first New York Celebration of Women in Computing. This is one of the increasing number of regional celebrations designed to bring the experience of the Grace Hopper Celebration to students in a smaller, less costly, and local setting. Given the size of New York state, we reached out to institutions that are within a 2-hour radius of Albany, where the conference will be held.

Given that this is our first time organizing a conference like this, we were concerned that nobody would want to come. Of course, we were proven wrong! We are expecting 93 students from 17 different institutions, 31 faculty, 12 people from industry (representing six different companies), and nine companies for the career fair. 

We have scheduled a large number of presentations by students, in the form of full length conference presentations as well as lightning talks. We are also very excited about the involvement of Fran Berman (VP, Research, Rensselaer Polytech), who will do a "fireside chat" with students, and keynote talks by A.J. Brush, Microsoft Research, and Julie Adams, Vanderbilt University.

The conference has been organized by Jennifer Goodall (University at Albany), MaryAnne Egan (Siena College), Sharon Mason (Rochester Institute of Technology), and myself (Union College), with support from the National Science Foundation, ACM-W, the Anita Borg Institute, NCWIT, CRA-W, and Microsoft Research. For more information about the conference, check out our Web site

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