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Algorithm 488: A Gaussian pseudo-random number generator

The algorithm calculates the exact cumulative distribution of the two-sided Kolmogorov-Smirnov statistic for samples with few observations. The general problem for which the formula is needed is to assess the probability that a particular sample comes from a proposed distribution. The problem arises specifically in data sampling and in discrete system simulation. Typically, some finite number of observations are available, and some underlying distribution is being considered as characterizing the source of the observations.


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Research and Advances

Reducing the retrieval time of scatter storage techniques

A new method for entering and retrieving information in a hash table is described. The method is intended to be efficient if most entries are looked up several times. The expected number of probes to look up an entry, predicted theoretically and verified by Monte Carlo experiments, is considerably less than for other comparable methods if the table is nearly full. An example of a possible Fortran implementation is given.

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