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Computer-Related Technostress in China

Technostress has been defined as any negative effect on human attitudes, thoughts, behavior, and psychology that directly or indirectly results from technology [8]. With the recent widespread application of IT and the Internet throughout China, technostress has become a serious issue for both users and IT professionals due to its potential effect on users' mental health and on-the-job productivity. Chinese employees are surrounded, often overwhelmed, by modern technology. The top 100 largest Chinese enterprises, accounting for 25% of China's GDP, are investing heavily ($10--$15 billion annually) in new IT applications, including enterprise resource planning systems. A 2002 report by the Chinese Ministry of Information Industry stated that there are 380 million mobile phone subscribers in China, making the country the world's largest mobile phone market. And a survey conducted in 2004 by the China Internet Network Information Center found that 87 million Chinese frequently accessed the Internet in 2004, an increase of 19 million, or 27.9%, over 2003.

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