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From Washington: the Ongoing Tug-of-War For E-Commerce Control

It was an unprecedented and symbolic moment: Last October, the U.S. government quietly invited 12 industry lobbyists to join the nation’s negotiating team for the pan-American free trade agreement. These lobbyists, representing the Motion Picture Association of America, America Online, the Software Publishers Association, among others, joined the citizenry’s diplomats largely because government officials wanted […]

From Washington: Infowar: Ak-47s, Lies, and Videotape

Information warfare is not just about "hacker war." Infowar is far broader and requires a much deeper reform of national security than simply adding a few thousand well-paid sysadmins. Throughout the continuing wars in Rwanda and what was once Zaire, TV journalists and aid workers were used and abused by the warring parties. In 1994, […]

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