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Drivers of Internet Shopping

The two distinct forms of e-commerce—business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C)—have emerged as an important way of doing business that will surely grow in years to come. According to some recent forecasts, total Web sales will reach 1.4 trillion dollars in 2004. Most of the growth, however, is expected to be in B2B, with projected B2C […]

Viewpoint: Exploring the Telecommuting Paradox

According to a recent survey conducted by the International Telework Association and Council, 19.6 million U.S.-based employees telecommuted in 1999 ( Although some 62% of companies are reportedly encouraging telecommuting [1], a mere 7% of employees actually telecommute. This curious dichotomy—the small number of telecommuters despite the apparent plethora of telecommuting programs in organizations—has been […]

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