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Internal Surveillance, External Risks

Building surveillance technologies into communications networks is risky. Two years ago, Greece discovered that legally installed surveillance software in a cell phone network had been surreptitiously activated by unknown persons: over 100 senior members of their government were tapped for almost a year. Things were no better in Italy, where a number of employees at […]

The Real National-Security Needs For VoIP

In August 2005 the Federal Communications Commission announced that the Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act (CALEA) applies to broadband Internet access and "interconnected voice over IP" (VoIP). VoIP providers already had to comply with legally authorized wiretap orders; the FCC ruling means that all VoIP implementations would now have to pass federal wiretapping standards […]

Tapping on My Network Door

Readers of this column are familiar with the risks of illegal monitoring of Internet traffic. Less familiar, but perhaps just as serious, are the risks introduced when law enforcement taps that same traffic legally. Ironically, as insecure as the Internet may be in general, monitoring a particular user’s traffic as part of a legal wiretap […]

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