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An anomaly in space-time characteristics of certain programs running in a paging machine

The running time of programs in a paging machine generally increases as the store in which programs are constrained to run decreases. Experiment, however, have revealed cases in which the reverse is true: a decrease in the size of the store is accompanied by a decrease in running time. An informal discussion of the anomalous behavior is given, and for the case of the FIFO replacement algorithm a formal treatment is presented.


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Research and Advances

Dynamic space-sharing in computer systems

A formalization of relationships between space-sharing, program behavior, and processor efficiency in computer systems is presented. Concepts of value and cost of space allocation per task are defined and then value and cost are combined to develop a single parameter termed value per unit cost. The intent is to illustrate a possible analytic approach to the investigation of the problems of space-sharing and to demonstrate the method on sample problems.

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