Little Miss Geek

Belinda Parmar's book Little Miss Geek highlights the gender imbalances within the tech industry, offering practical suggestions of how businesses can overcome this.  It's a great message, but I do protest at the suggestion that women need help with their spatial abilities to help them succeed with their programming!

Inside the Coder Dojo

Coder Dojo is an inspired movement to bring the joys of programming to young people everywhere. The Edinburgh (Scotland) coder dojo started last night in the Scottish Parliament building, becoming part of a loose network of dojos all over the world. Why not start one where you live? All you need is a venue, some mentors and some kids.

When Is ­User-Centered Design Selfish?

User-centered design is now firmly established within HCI research. It is commonly praised for democratising system development and empowering users. But is this always the case? This article raises some ethical questions surrounding the involvement of certain vulnerable user groups in user-centered design.

Quantum Gaming

Scientific discovery games are an exciting new approach to solving thorny scientific problems using contributions from a distributed group of non-expert humans. The approach has been successful in the domain of biochemistry, but can it also be used in other domains? This article discusses challenges in a current project where we are attempting to get humans to solve problems in hair curling-ly complex quantum information processing by playing a game inside a Perspex hamster ball.

Turing’s Sunflowers

It's the Turing Centenary Year. Why not plant a sunflower to celebrate? Manchester University, Manchester Science Festival and the Museum of Science and Industry are asking people to grow sunflowers and count the number of spirals in their seed heads in order to test Turing's  theory that the seeds grow in Fibonacci sequences.

Shape the Future of Computing

ACM encourages its members to take a direct hand in shaping the future of the association. There are more ways than ever to get involved.

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