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Greenstone: Open-Source Dl Software

Greenstone is a comprehensive system for constructing and presenting collections of thousands or millions of documents, including text, images, audio, and video. Greenstone libraries contain many collections, individually organized, though they bear a strong family resemblance. Easily maintained, collections can be augmented and rebuilt automatically. Greenstone constructs full-text indexes from the document text and from […]


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Research and Advances

Niupepa: a Historical Newspaper Collection

Niupepa is a collection of 42 newspaper titles published in New Zealand from 1842–1933, comprising a total of 21,000 pages in 1,750 issues. This collection forms a unique historical record of the language of the indigenous Mãori people, the evolution of the written form of this language, and of events and developments during the formative […]
Research and Advances

The Promise of Digital Libraries in Developing Countries

Although knowledge is critical for development, few developing countries are participating in the information revolution. Just as industrialization and globalization have increased the gulf between the haves and have-nots, so information and communications technology is creating a chasm between the knows and know-nots [5]. For dissemination of humanitarian information, traditional publishing and distribution mechanisms have […]

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