Fifteen years ACM

The development years of ACM, as recounted in 1962 by founding member and former president Franz L. Alt, depicts the players and progress of an organization committed to sharing computing knowledge and skills.


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Computer photocomposition of technical text

In computer assisted typesetting by means of photocomposition, special problems arise in highly technical material such as mathematical formulas. New solutions to several of these problems have been devised in the information system of the American Institute of Physics. They include: the representation of special characters (foreign alphabets, mathematical symbols, etc.) not available on input keyboards or on the photocomposer; the generation of such symbols, e.g. by overprinting; the precise positioning of accent marks (floating diacritics); line breaks, i.e. words or formulas placed partly at the end of one line and partly at the beginning of the next; and certain aspects of error correction.

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