Stacking the Deck

Consider 16 cards  consisting  of  the  ace  through 8 of hearts and the ace through 8 of spades. You are allowed to arrange the cards as you wish. Your opponent chooses a  number  between  1  and  8.

Open Field Tic-Tac-Toe

In the spirit of Gomoku, two people play a version of the classic paper-and-pencil game tic-tac-toe but on an infinite checkerboard. In it, a player wins by getting four pieces in a row — vertically, horizontally, or diagonally.

Find Me Quickly

In this cooperative game, two players want to meet each other in a graph as quickly as possible.

Upstart Puzzles: Chair Games

A group of people is sitting around your dinner table with one empty chair. Each person has a name that begins with a different letter: A, B, C . . . Because you love puzzles, you ask them to rearrange themselves . . .

Upstart Puzzles: Auction Triplets

There are objects of four types and n people, each with a budget of $99. The objective of each one is to acquire three objects of the same type (any type) before anyone else does.

Upstart Puzzles: Brighten Up

You are given two bags, each containing some number NumPerBag of flares. You know there are NumBad flares in one of the bags but not which bag. The other bag has all good flares. Each time you test a flare, you use it up.

Upstart Puzzles: Take Your Seats

A popular logic game involves figuring out an arrangement of people sitting around a circular table based on hints about, say, their relationships. Here, we aim to determine the smallest number of hints sufficient to specify an arrangement unambiguously.

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