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Problems in application software maintenance

The problems of application software maintenance in 487 data processing organizations were surveyed. Factor analysis resulted in the identification of six problem factors: user knowledge, programmer effectiveness, product quality, programmer time availability, machine requirements, and system reliability. User knowledge accounted for about 60 percent of the common problem variance, providing new evidence of the importance of the user relationship for system success or failure. Problems of programmer effectiveness and product quality were greater for older and larger systems and where more effort was spent in corrective maintenance. Larger scale data processing environments were significantly associated with greater problems or programmer effectiveness, but with no other problem factor. Product quality was seen as a lesser problem when certain productivity techniques were used in development.


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Research and Advances

A comparative evaluation of versions of BASIC

From its inception, The BASIC language has grown in terms of its usage, scope of usage, and its features. This article compares ten of the current versions of BASIC with each other, with two earlier versions, and with the proposed standard for minimal BASIC. The comparison is arranged by the features of the versions and by computational comparison of computation and times and processing costs.

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